Haircare and scalp care

Haircare and scalp care

" Remember the times when you get late for work and have less time to groom your hair? Pathetic, isn't it? Guess what? A perfect multitasking brush helps a lot!  "

The NuWay C Brush

Our brand new NuWay 4Hair C Brush is the best brush for hair, why? The only sign of a good and efficient brush is when it can tackle and manage all of your annoying hair problems. This brush comes with an enormous range of uses and benefits. Unlike the other brushes for wet hair, this takes care of your hair from the roots to the tips with great precision and gives off the best detangling possible. Starting from its fine application structure and grip, everything suits each hair type to its finest. This C shape brush is a pro wet brush that can be used as a styling and grooming brush as well.


Who thought hair care would get so convenient and easily doable? Our NuWay hairbrush with its ideal ergonomic shape gives you access to the perfect hair that will make every head turn. We can't deny that parlors are expensive and not very accessible every moment. Why pay thousands of bucks to get your hair done when you can buy the right thing, 'A HAIRBRUSH' Just as rinsing the hair after applying shampoo is important, drying your hair properly is crucial as well. The circular venting scheme in this brush turns your hair dry within minutes. Just to top it up with a cherry, it even does root lifting for the perfect and set look!


The scalp is one of the most delicate and fragile parts of the hair system, which needs routine care and protection. This C shape brush provides that amount of needed scalp care. We all know that achieving a flawless and best-looking set of hair, along with shampooing and oiling hair, requires an appropriate brush. The hair brush helps in -

1. scalp massage: which leads to a more relaxed head and promotes hair growth 

2. Detangling: removes the stubborn knots from the hair, to achieve silk like hair 

3. Removes chemical products: gets every hair strand out from the layers of added chemicals and hair products.


Be it a hair mask or one of the healthiest oils, the benefits depend on the product's application. As we have stated all the uses that our NuWay brush delivers, it won't be an amusement that it is also one of the best brushes for applying hair care products. The shape holds the product well and NuWay 's C brush ensures that the product travels from the top to the end to provide maximum utility and operation.

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