In 2016, NuWay Brush® obtained a patent for the groundbreaking innovation that transformed traditional brush design. Due to its unique curvature, it is now known around the globe as the DoubleC® brush.


NuWay® invested in the design and development of cutting-edge bristle-insertion equipment, to produce the most ergonomic brushing experience in the industry. We hold design patents in 27 countries around the world.


We have been propelled forward, by utilizing our patented concepts, to expand our range of products.

NuWay® created the first "Scalp Care For Your Hair" detangling brush brand.


We are a luxurious, exclusive, high-end brand; favored by retailers and their customers everywhere. NuWay® is a recognized worldwide brand with glowing customer reviews from around the globe. More than 650 high-end professional salons, including Shisedo in Japan, exclusively sell NuWay Brush®.


We have our own R&D and manufacturing equipment to develop and produce unique and patented hairbrushes. We formulated our feature-rich and functionally-focused hairbrush bristle, BrainyBristles®; that can detangle painlessly, reduce static, and still be used with a hairdryer.  NuWay brushes® use this exclusively formulated bristle and the bristle is proprietary to NuWay®.


SGS Certified : 

1. Reduce-Static

2. Heat Resistant

3. Anti-Bacterial

4. Meets the requirements of plasticizer

SGS and patent-01SGS and patent-02

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