5 Mistakes You're Making When You Blowdry Your Hair

5 Mistakes You're Making When You Blowdry Your Hair

While styling the hair, most people use the hairdryers without knowing how to use them? And as a result, it damages the hair follicles and scalp. Getting that perfect hairstyle requires optimal hair and scalp care so that the products do not harm your hair and make it dry. The first thing you can do is invest in a good quality hairbrush like NuWay 4HAIR DoubleC U.S. Patented detangling brush is hairdryer safe and easily detangles wet or dry hair. It can withstand high temperatures, and the circular venting scheme protects the hair from high heat. 

Do you feel your hair gets dry after blowdrying? Then along with using the right hairbrush, you also need to take care of the top 5 mistakes that you are making that make your hair dry - 

Invest in a good quality blow-dryer : 

To get something better in quality, you have to spend a good amount to buy a good blow-drier that will help optimize your time to dry your hair in a little bit of time and decrease hair damage. 

Do not use on wet hair: 

After taking a shower, you first need to dry your hair using a towel and then use a hairdryer. Directly using the dryer can burn your hair follicles, and hair roots and damage the hair. 

Attention to the roots of the hair: 

Do not apply heat directly to the scalp; instead, dry the tresses of your hair. Even while applying heat to your scalp, you should maintain the heat temperature of the blow dryer to prevent hair fall. 

Use the blow-drier attachment: 

Use the nozzle of the hairdryer as it gives the direction to the heat flow and prevents damage to the hair's quality.

Use a heat protectant: 

Heat protectants add a boundary between your dryer and your hair, sealing in moisture and resisting frizz. They also smoothen the cuticle, making your hair look smooth & soft.

Which hairbrush should I use? 

With the revolutionary Double C shape brush, it is easier to comb the hair without damaging the hair roots, and it helps to keep the hair healthier as it massages your scalp with each stroke. The circular vented system in the Double C shape brush helps pass the air, giving a bouncy look to the hair and making it completely fuss-free.

It delegates you a beautiful hairstyle in the easiest way and that too without damaging your hair from blow dryer heat. The ergonomic shape of the brush reaches the scalp of the hair to provide volume to the hair. It also helps to get rid of frizzy hair and gives healthy hair with additional volume.

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