Hair Styling Tips for beginners

Hair Styling Tips for beginners

Hairstyling and maintenance is a broad subject that includes high-level maintenance of healthy hair to the different types of haircuts and so on. There are a ton of different and various tools that you need to determine, for example, a scalp brush for serums and oils, a detangler for the needed detangling, or even brushes for wet hair. One fact which should be kept in mind is that styling isn't only about the superficial temporal changes but the maintaining of a set of healthy hair as well. And your partner in it is NuWay's Double C Brush!



Types of hair are a broad category that is further divided into straight, wavy, or curly. Determining your hair might be hard but try considering your hair's density, greasiness, or elasticity while sticking to one. After you have chosen the type, you can go further and do more research on that, for example - 'how to brush hair' for your particular group of hair.


A fresh and new chopped haircut later slightly styled and fixed with a styling brush never ceases to make heads turn! Like a blunt cut for round faces and fringes/bangs for big foreheads and layers for thin hair. Be it the blow-dried lifts using vent brushes or the satin finish straightenings using detangling ones. Every face has a few sets of haircuts to match it. So the next time you hit the salon, do the study first!


Knowing some primary and basic hair styling products helps and enables you to deal with the locks with ease. Hair mousse and setting sprays are widely known hair products. Coming to the brushes, an egronomic shape brush, which comes with soft bristles and a handy shape, is the ideal fit. 


After styling your hair, you will easily be able to figure out the post-damage effects. The pampering which is needed counts in the hairstyling styling as well, cause nothing looks better than a fluffy set of healthy hair.


Who thought styling and hair care could be done at the same time and with the same Patented brush? NuWay's Double C shape brush is the best brush hair styling brush you will need for almost all of your styling needs. The postulates mentioned above are based on the services provided by our Double C brush. Whether it's for adding the little root lift or managing frizziness, we have got you covered. For its highly rated brainy bristles, ergonomic shape, and circular venting scheme, it is therefore known as the best styling brush.

Get yourself a Double C bush, ardently curated by NuWay and experience yourself!

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