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NuWay 4HAIR® MagicSpell Shiny Rose Pink

$USD 9.99


Effortless Detangling Brush

 Feel the gentle cushion massage as you brush!

The exclusive BrainyBristles won't snag or pull hair, works on wet or dry hair, straight or curly.

Effortlessly detangles all types of hair.

BrianyBristle 970x300_BU-02BrianyBristle 970x300_BU-03BrianyBristle 970x300_BU-04
Enhanced firmness and durability, reducing shedding for a more reliable and effective hair brushing experience. BrainyBristles help massage the scalp and stimulate hair follicles for healthier, more vibrant hair.Built-in static reduction reduces static electricity in hair during brushing prevents breakage, reduces frizz, and enhances smoothness, making hair easier to manage and style. It leads to healthier, better-looking hair and a more comfortable brushing experience.BriainyBristles withstand temperatures of up to 302 degrees F. Enable safe styling with heat tools. (ALWAYS USE THE DIFFUSER ON YOUR DRYER!)

BrianyBristle 970x300_BU-01

Wet Hair Bacis Brush-light blueDry hair basic brush-淺藍抗靜電
Gently brushes out tangled wet hair.Styles hair without breakage or pulling.Electrostatic reduction helps protect hair from being frizzy.

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